1. What is your delivery time & can I dictate my preferred time of delivery?

Our delivery time for dinner is between 3:30 to 7:00pm. We are unable to commit to individual’s preferred time of delivery as our delivery route is dependable on our available resources, the number of customer orders as well as the traffic condition.


2. Is there any delivery during Public Holiday ? If no, will be there be a refund?

Our service is from Mon to Fri Only, excluding all Public Holidays. There is no refund as the Public Holiday would have been accounted for during our invoicing.


3. How does your refund policy work?

All cancelled meals are entitled to cash refund in accordance to our refund rate table. In the case of service continuation, the cash refund will be offset against the following month’s billing. In the case of service termination, a cheque will be issued and sent by mail. Refund in cash will be not be entertained.


4. Are the food containers safe to use and are they microwaveable?

Our paper food containers are Food Grade Certified with US FDA compliance. They are also Environment Friendly Certified and Safe for Microwaving.


5. Can I indicate my food preference?

We are able to accommodate common requests such as No Spicy Food and/or No Seafood . Please kindly contact our office for the details.


6. Can I cater less than 5 times per week?

Yes, you can. However the price rate will be different. Kindly contact our office for actual quote.